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Eugenics / Population Control as Dominant Ideologies

It is important to understand that the goals and beliefs of the eugenicists never went away. In fact, they have been conducting eugenics operations on the public in the west since world war II. Fluoride in the water, mercury in the vaccines and GMO crops all contribute to the creation of a sick, dumb and compliant population.


Population Control Implementation (Hard Kill)

The overarching desire for population reduction has been implemented in two forms - hard kill and soft kill. The hard kill versions created in bioweapons research labs include AIDS, Ebola and SARS. These programs were designed for large scale population reduction.


Population Control Implementation (Slow Kill)

As Henry Kissinger said population reduction has different characteristics in different parts of the world. In west, the slow kill method has been implemented. This includes vaccines containing mercury and Simian 40 cancer viruses; fluoride in water supplies as used by Hitler and Stalin in their concentration camps; the introduction of the excitotoxin aspartame into the food supply; the presence of xeno-estrogen / bisphenol in plastics; the introduction of GMO crops and their well understood destructive side effects; the use of cell phones will result in brain cancer for millions in coming years as a result of the radiation; and the use of microwave ovens - which the Soviets banned in the 1970's due to the fact that they destroy the nutritive content of food. Further, the combined effects of these programs has manifested itself with a 75% reduction in the sperm counts in the western males according to the UN (ask yourself why aren't the alarm bells ringing and a crisis announced to the public) and an increase in the rates of cancer from 1 in 66 to 1 in 3 over the past 50 years.


Allopathic Medicine vs. Holistic / Natural Medicine

A critical aspect of control is the compliance and acceptance of the population of allopathic medicine and medical orthodoxy and its partner big pharma under which the population can be drugged. A critical part of this agenda is the suppression of alternative/herbal medicine and the advancement of Codex Alimentarius which severely restrict natural health products available to the public. Codex Alimentarius if implemented as scheduled by the end of 2009 could result in the deaths of billions of people from malnutrition and the diseases related to poor nutrition.


Persistent Contrails (aka Chemtrails)

While the true intent of the chemical spraying of the skies that has been going on full scale since the late 1990's is unknown, since the governments refuse to tell the public the true purpose, we do know that the chemicals being sprayed include aluminum, barium and cadmium, all of which have detrimental effects on the human immune system. Consequently, we could conclude they are softening the immune systems of the public for the upcoming pandemics which we are repeatedly told are inevitable (the spraying is fact but the purposes are speculative).


Hidden in plain view

It's no secret that the major players behind one-world globalism are eugenicists. they are keen on limiting industrial activity and clamping down on the growth of the herd which they despise and want to scale back to 500 million, as they proudly announced on the Georgia Guidestones and their white papers. John P. Holdren (Obama's current science czar) and Paul Ehrlich are eugenicists, supporters of selective breeding often through brutal means like genocide and forced sterilization, who co-authored "Ecoscience" which advocates a global police force to enforce totalitarian measures of population control that includes forced abortions and mass sterilization programs conducted via the food and water supply, among other horrors. It is interesting to note that Ehrlich's work also appears in the United Nations "Agenda 21" Global Biodiversity Assessment Report. Agenda21 Sustainable Development is the overarching blueprint for depopulation and total control, using the environment as the excuse for that control.


The Club of Rome documents, The Council of Foreign Relations documents, United Nations documents, State Department memorandums, Rockefeller foundation studies and documents, Biological Diversity assessments, SPP documents and hundreds of government funded text books call for a planetary regime, planetary police state, planetary dictatorship to carry out eugenics/Population reduction. All of this is hidden in plain view.