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Income & Business Opportunity with GOODLIFE USA (English)
GOODLIFE USA Introduction Video
Good Life Intro Video
LIVING THE 'GOOD LIFE'  - Nancy howard - December 2016

We are a private travel and lifestyle benefits club

whose members enjoy price discounts

not available to the general public on:

•  Hotels & Resorts

•  Condos

•  Cruises

•  Airlines

•  Dining

•  Retail

•  Rental Cars

•  Movie Theater Tickets

•  Sports & Concert Tickets

•  Attractions & Theme Parks

•  Buy Vehicles at “employee discounts”

•  and much more

Travel. Lifestyle. Experience. 

Mark Seyforth CEO and Founder - the mastermind who started GOODLIFE, used to be one of the founders and CEO of Herbalife a Billion dollar company in the 80's and still makes Billions to this day. He has been successful in business for 45 years.


Matthew Landau is the President of GOODLIFEUSA. Also, he is an attorney that's with an attorney firm that represents GOODLIFEUSA and that helped set-up their structure. This is the same attorney firm associated with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). What this attorney firm specialized in is prosecuting multilevel companies that were not structured correctly or that did things illegally. This is why we give our product away for free. This is why you can reach any pay level by signing just two personals. Because that's the attorney's setting it up to run by law.

About The President and CEO

Nothing like this has ever been done before. 

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